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postheadericon November Buddies



November Buddies


It's November and it's time for new buddies! The students were very excited to see November buddies.  This month, I asked my students to choose new partners that weren't on their October buddies sheet. This way, every student, by the end of the year will get a chance to work with everyone in the classroom. 

(To download, click on the image below)

November buddy

We just read the story "I Wanna Iguana" by Karen Kaufman Orloff. The kids loved this story. It was fun to read, fun to listen to, and fun to talk about. 


In an effort to build social skills within my classroom, I gave my students a question they had to work on with their November buddies. 

My question was: Do you think Alex did a good job persuading his mother to get him an iguana? Tell me two reasons why you think he did a good job. 

The discussion stem they used was: 

(To download, click on the image below)

I think that…


Some responses were:

"I think that Alex did a good job becasue he had good reasons why he should have an iguana."

I think that Alex did a good job because he had reasons why he could take care of an iguana."



If you would like October Buddies, click on the image below


october buddy


postheadericon Our Favorite Things!






As a teacher, we all have favorite things in our classroom. I thought I would share some of our favorite things we use each day in our classrooms. 


I work on an incredible team of teachers. They are invested in their students and work hard to be their very best each and every day.  I have learned so much from them over the last four years.  They are always there to chat and bounce ideas off of. I am truly thankful and appreciative of the love and support they have given me over the last few years. They continue to inspire me each and every day. 

So, in honor of them and the great things they do in their classrooms, I thought I would share some of our favorite things. I asked them each to tell me one thing they couldn't teach without every day. 


Miss Harrigan: 

She loves her behavior clip board. The students love to see their pins moved up throughout the day. 



Miss Harrigan also collects cotton balls in this container. Each time the class gets a compliment, Miss Harrigan puts in a couple of cotton balls. When the container is filled, the class gets to choose a reward. One of their rewards was a PJ day!



Mrs. Daley:

Mrs. Daley loves her teacher table marker board. It's also magnetic, so she can put letters on it to practice blending with her class. 


She also said she couldn't teach during the day without her pocket charts. They are great to keep our Lively Letters in during the year. 



Mrs. Castro:

Mrs. Castro loves containers! So, here's some of her containers, which keep her organized each day…




 Mrs. Botelho:

I love this crayon caddy. I bought it at Lakeshore Learning and I love using it in the classroom. This is great for centers, teacher table, and independant work. 


I also love my small supply drawers on my desk. They are always readily available when I need a quick classroom supply. 



I, too, am a huge fan of pocket charts. I use them ALL the time. 



Miss DeSimone:

Miss. DeSimone loves her supply chest. She has all her supplies all in one place!



We also love our behavior clip chart. It is a big part of the our day. Students love to see their pins moved up and they love to reach the lion because they then get to pick a reward. 



Mrs. Hebert:

Mrs. Hebert also has a magnetic marker board. She likes to use our magnetic ten frames on it at her teacher table. 



What are your favorite things? Educator Station would love to hear from you! We love to get answer your questions and receive emails from teachers like you!  You can contact us by clciking on the CONTACT US button on the right hand side. 


postheadericon Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!





Educator Station wishes you a happy and healthy 2016!




postheadericon Reading Street High Frequency Words

I  don't know about you but I am obsessed with colored paper and flashcards.  This past year I put together an entire set of color coded high frequency word cards for my students to use during independent centers.  I started in September with my green set (both Kindergarten and Unit R).  Please note: Reading Street Kindergarten has 40 high frequency words where the Grade 1 Unit R only contains 28 words.  I then added another color set as we completed each unit.


photo 1                       photo 2

At the beginning of each unit I also send home these flashcards with all my students and let the families know that they will be tested on those words at the end of each unit.  I found this to work much better than just giving out the high frequency word list and expecting them to practice all the words for mastery in June. 

I also created a quick and easy to use assessment sheet for each unit that allows me to test the students on the high frequency words and then send home a parent copy for additional practice.  I posted about this teacher resource here


HF assessment Unit RHFUnitRlist

Below are links to all the Grade 1 Reading Street- Common Core edition High Frequency Word flashcards.


Unit R

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

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