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postheadericon The Pesky ER, IR, UR Family: Lots of Free Activities



This week, we are reading "I'm a Caterpillar." The kids love learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, however, they don't particularly love the spelling list. The pesky er, ir, ur family is here this week and knowing when to use either er, ir, or ur can be difficult for some of our students. 

So, with that in mind, I created some resources to use at my teacher table and some resources that can be used in independant centers throughout the week. 


I used these cards to sort onto my spelling pocket chart to use throughout the week. I also have a copy for each student to work with throughout the week. Each student has these cards in a baggie with their name on it, so that they can be used at the teacher table and in independant centers. 

spelling word sort



DAY 1: Introduction: Teacher Guided Lesson at the Teacher Table

The first day, I introduce the er, ir, ur family using this anchor chart. 

This is a cute way of showing that the three say the same sound, but have different vowels. 

You can find this resource for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers



Then, I use this sheet to work with students on reading the word and sorting the word under the correct column.

spelling sort worksheet

This is a two page activity. The first page has words for the students to cut out. The second page, has a table for the students to glue the words onto. 

spelling sort worksheet-cut and paste



DAY 2: Read It and Sort It!

Using the spelling cards from above, I have each student read the word and sort it into this table. The shaded cells on this table mean that a word does not go into that box. This gives students a visual of what words belong where and how many words go into each column. 

er, ir, ur, sorting grid


This is a foldable that can be used for further instruction. Fold on the middle line and then cut between flaps. This creates a foldable that can be used at the teacher table. 

foldable er, ir, ur



DAY 3: Write it!


I love this activity! It can be used in so many different ways.

I played SPELLING SCOOP with these cards. I place the cards around the room and have the students move about the room to find the words. As they find each card, they record the words onto their recording sheet. They do not have to find the cards in order, which is fun for them. The kids love this little game. They can get up, move, read, and write.

I have also put them on a binder ring. The students read the card and decide whether to use er, ir, or ur. Then, they record their answers onto the recording sheet below. I also provide an answer sheet for each of the students. This allows them to check their work, while working independantly at their center. 

I have also cut out each of these cards and put them into a brown paper lunch bag. As the student pulls the words out, they can then record them on the sheet. This works well in partners. 


er, ir, ur cards

Recording Sheet:

er, ir, ur cards pg2

Answer Sheet:

answer cards



DAY 4: Roll, Write It, Read It

The kids love this game! I model this at my teacher table and then put this out into an independant center. The kids can play this in partners, threes, or in a small group. I give each student a copy and have them write their answers right onto the sheet. 

roll and read-er, ir, ur, words



Day 5: Spin It and Spell It!


This is an easy peasy center for the week. There are two supplies needed: 

1. a pencil

2. a paperclip


I pair up my students and have them play this game in an independant center. All they have to do is spin the paperclip. Whatever word they land on, they write onto the recording sheet below. 

3.5 I'm a Caterpillar-spin and spell

Spin and Write



DAY 6: Call the Nurse! A Game to play at the teacher table.

You can also get this resource for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers





To see a writing activity that goes along with "I'm a Caterpillar," click on the link below. 



If you would like the Skills Sheet for this Story, click on the link below:

Skills Sheet

postheadericon Skills Sheets for Unit 3 Reading Street



More skills sheets! 

Thank you to all who have commented and have sent emails of appreciation. Educator Station loves to receive emails and loves to hear about helping other teachers. Thank you, thank you!

So, because the skills sheets are a popular post, I just had to post more skills sheets! 




(To download the PDF, click on the images below)


A Place to Play

A Place to Play skills sheet


Ruby in Her Own Time

Ruby In her Own time skills sheet


The Class Pet

3.3 The Class Pet skills sheet


Frog and Toad Together

Frog and Toad Together skills sheet


I'm a Caterpillar

3.5 I'm a caterpillar skills sheet


Where Are My Animal Friends?

3.6 Where are my animal friends


To download Unit 1 and Unit 2, click on the links below:

Unit 1 Skills Sheets

Unit 2 Skills Sheets



postheadericon A Southern Ranch: Activities and Resources for the Classroom






Here are several teacher table and center activities for you to use in the classroom. Scroll down to see all the acitvities under the designated skills. 



Click on the image below to download this file for FREE at Teachers Pay Teachers. 





Click on the image below to download this file for FREE at Teachers Pay Teachers. 





I have a pocket chart where I keep these cards for the week. I also use them in centers and I use them when practicing ABC order. When teaching the words, I use them to sort, I use them to teach phonics skills, and I use them for encoding. 

4.4 spelling cards



I used this activity at my teacher table. When the students were comfortable with their words and could build words easily, I put this into an independent center. I also provided lined paper for the students to write their words as they built them. 

a southern ranch word building



I also used this activity to sort middle sounds and end sounds in words. 

Click on the image below to download this file for FREE at Teachers Pay Teachers. 



A Word Sort for extra practice




I Have, Who Has?

Every student loves playing this game! We start off reading the words slowly and build speed throughout the week. By the end of the week, the kids can play this game in just a few minutes!





4.4 High Frequency cards



I used this at my teacher table to sort the words by their beginning sounds using kn- and wr-. 

kn and wr words



This graphic organizer was great! I used this at my teacher table to talk about main idea. We read the story, did some guided reading, and then we filled in the graphic organizer together. We worked together to come up with a solid main idea.  The next day, the students had to fill in the three details at their independent center. I then did some basic editing with the students and asked them to write their final draft.



If you are looking for more practice with Main Idea. 

Click on the image below to download this from Teachers Pay Teachers for Free. 


postheadericon Unit 3.6 Where Are My Animal Friends: Activities and Resources




Here are some resources for this story. 


Spelling Cards:

I use these cards in a pocket chart throughout the week. 

3.6 spelling words

High Frequency Cards:

I also have these in a pocket chart. We use them to read and to put into ABC order.

3.6 high frequency cards


Words that end in -dge:

I created these cards to help the children build words with the ending -dge. As you can see from the picture below, I laminated the cards and cut them out. Then, I had my students put them on cookie sheets to practice building their words. I modeled how to build words, then had the students practice at my teacher table. Once they were building words easily, I put this out into an independant center for them to do independantly. 

(You can download the documents by clicking on the image)

3.6 word building with -dge




They used this sheet to build on and wrote the words on the bottom part of the sheet.

-dge write the words


After we were done with word building, I used this sheet to practice reading words with -dge. had my students highlight the -dge in each word, so they would remember to use the /j/ sound. I read the words to the students, then we read them as a group, then the kids each had a turn reading the words. 

You can download this word list at Teachers Pay Teachers



Comparing using -er and -est

I used picture cards to teach this skill this week. I printed the sheets, laminated them, and then cut them out. I used my large pocket chart on my teacher easel to model comparing two things and then three or more things. 



(You can download this by clicking on the image below)

pictures to compare er and est



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