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postheadericon Constitution Day




We celebrate our Constitution on September 17th, the day the U.S. Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution many years ago in 1787.  Our Constitution has three parts: The Preamble, The Articles, and The Amendments. Those laws that our forefathers wrote, still holds true to us today.


There's a lot of resources to use that are great for the classroom. Here are some my favorites:


One of my favorite books to use is "We the Kids" by David Catrow. This is a cute book that illustrates the Premable to the Constitution. 



Another great book for older children would be "Shh! We're Writing the Constitution" by Jean Fritz. This enjoyable book talks about the Constitutional Convention where the fifty- five delagates debated over that hot summer back in the year 1787 in Philadelphia. 



I found this on  Beacon Learning Center to use along with "We The Kids." This is an easy way to break up the Preamble and explain it's meaning to your students. 

 preamble meaning



This is another activity you can use with older kids. This an activity that uses two sets of cards.  The blue cards consists of the actual premable. The students have to put the preamble in order. The red cards have the meaning of the preamble using vocabulary that is easier to understand. The students can match the blue cards to red cards to create the Preamble and it's meaning. 

You can download this activity from Teachers Notebook HERE. 



I also found a few resources on Teacher Pay Teachers for teachers in the younger grades to use in the classrooms. 


Fun 2B in First has a packet consisting of a book, which is a great way to introduce the Constitution to young children, as well as a great anchor chart you can use for whole group or as a graphic organizer for small groups or individual students. To download this packet click HERE.



The Lesson Plan Diva also made this worksheet to use in the classroom. To download this worksheet click HERE. This could be a great word building center. I would cut off the bottom letters and laminate them. This would be a great activity to do on cookie sheets, as well. 

ConstitutionDayFreebie-from TPT


Enchanted Learning has several worksheets you can use in the classroom. This site also includes information about the Constitution. 




Scholastic has a great site that explains the Constitution. It also has activities for the kids to do online and includes a Teacher Tip section to help you create a Classroom Constitution. 

we the classroom


It's Elementary has a free packet to use in the classroom. You can download that packet HERE. This packet contains picture cards and fact cards that explain the picture. At the end of the packet there is a writing activity. Students are asked to write a sentence about the picture.



Liberty Kids has a great video about our Constitution (Season 1, #40).



"This is America Charlie Brown" is also another resource to use in the classroom. 



"School House Rocks" has a song to the Preamble. 



Lastly, I bought this book from Scholastic years ago. There a song in it called "The Bill of Rights Rag" that students love to sing along to. The book includes the words to each of the songs. The tunes are catchy and easy for students to learn.  The book includes 10 songs, song sheets, background information, hands-on activities, and reproducible activity sheets to use in the classroom. 



Happy Constitution Day! 

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