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postheadericon DIBELS: Progress Monitoring Awards: LET’S CELEBRATE PROGRESS!

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It's time to celebrate progress! 


I'm one of those teachers that look forward to the DIBELS progress monitoring. I can't wait to see their scores each month!


At the same time, I love showing the students how much progress they have made and seeing them smile. That moment alone is why we do, what we do, every day.


I thought it was time to celebrate progress and to celebrate each and every child, whether they made great gains, or whether they made just a tad bit of progress. It's progress either way!


This year, I started to give the children a monthly DIBELS award for them to take home and display proudly in their homes. Each month, I copy the awards on different color paper. That way, they hopefully we will have a collection of awards, each on a different color piece of paper. 


This is an award from October. 



I have now given out two months of awards and have had rave reviews from my students. Some have said their award hangs on the refrigerator, in their rooms, or somewhere special in their homes. Some have said they were rewarded with small toys, dinner at McDonalds, and extra allowance for spending during the week! 


In the packet below, you will see an award for each month of the school year. 

You can download the packet of awards for FREE, by clicking on the image below.


DIBELS Award Bundle-smaller2



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Hope you enjoy these monthly awards. How do you celebrate progress in your classrooms? Educator Station would love to hear from you! Click on the link below to send a message. We would be happy to hear from you! 




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postheadericon Words, Words, and More Words! Words Rings for DIBELS practice

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Today, I made these simple word rings to use at my teacher table with students who need phonics intervention. 


Word rings are a great way for students to practice reading nonsense words. Each word is on it's own card. Once the student has sounded out (phoneme segmentation), blended, and have read the whole word, they can easily flip to the next word on the ring. This is a great way for students to begin blending and reading whole words at their own pace.  This is also a great way to build whole word fluency. 

This is also great activity to use for RTI (Response to Intervention). I have used this with students who get easily overwhelmed when seeing a whole page of printed nonsense words. To decrease student discouragement, I use word rings, so that the student only sees one card at a time. This helps to build their confidence one word at a time.  


 To download the cards for the word rings, click on the link below and print!

(Click on the image below to download)

nonsense words for word rings


To make these, you will need a book ring (these rings are 1.25 inch rings). I found these two packages at the Dollar Tree. They are great for the classroom and have many uses.



Then, I printed the words, laminated them, and put them on a ring. 

Here's a word ring ready to use.



Word rings in an independant center:

If you would like to put word rings into an independant center, I have created activities you can easily put into an independant center. 


Vowel sort:

You can have the students read the word, and then write the word under the correct vowel sound. 

vowel sort



Have the student read the word, build it with letter tiles, and then write the word. 

say it, build, write it



To get more ideas or to read more about nonsense words and DIBELS practice, click on the links below:


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postheadericon From Trash to Treasure-DIBELS nonsense words


We all know the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." A  first grade teacher gave me this bag of foam dice, which was used in a previous math curriculum. Now that we have piloted and implemented our new math program, this bag of dice wasn't needed any longer. So, she gave them to me! 

After looking at them, measuring them, and imagineering them, I decided to use the foam dice to make a nonsense word game. 




I took the dice home and measured them. Each side measured 1.5 inches. 

Now, I had to figure out how to get letters onto the dice. I didn't want the letters to be too big, as I wanted the dice to be able to roll on the foam edges. 

So, I created a document with letters to fit the dice. I inserted "Auto Shapes" in Microsoft Word and created a square to be 1.25 inches. Once I made the square, I copied 18 squares onto the page. Then, I inserted a text box into the squares. I copied that text box into each 1.25 inch square and put a letter in each one. I used letters that were easily recognizable to first graders, even if they were upside down on the die. In ten minutes, I had the document done. No problem!

It looked like this:


letter squares 1.25

I printed the document and laminated it using my home laminator. If you don't have one, you must get one! They are great! 

I cut out all the letters. 

Now, I had to adhere the letters onto the blocks. It was time to get out my trusty hot glue gun. 

I glued the vowels onto one block, and the consonants onto the other two blocks. 




Another center ready to go! 


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postheadericon DIBELS- Getting ready for RTI


As the new year is getting in full swing,  I am already thinking about which students are going to need additional support, perhaps motivation, and who may need practice, practice, and more practice! 

In order to prepare my students for the upcoming DIBELS, I decided to prepare a binder with everything I would need in one place. I had an extra binder at home, so I decided to put it to good use!  

I made this cover for this year's binder. I love the cute owls!

DIBELS data binder cover


First, I printed the DIBELS Next Recommended Benchmark Goals sheet from the DIBELS Website

I often need this sheet to refer back to during meetings, especilly when I meet with parents and most often when we have team data meetings. This information is important as to what the goal currently is, as well as where does the student need to be for the next progress monitoring? 

This information will go right in the front of my binder, so that I can quickly refer to the information, when I need it. 

(click on image to make larger)


Next, I printed these sheets and wrote in all the students names. During the course of the year, I write in their scores. This helps me to see who is and who is not making progress throughout the year.

I look at the data I have collected to gauge the progress or lack thereof for each student.


I look at the following things throughout the year:

1. How much progress has that child made since the last DIBELS? Is it a sufficient amount of progress? If not, what can I do to help that student make progress? What curriculum should I use to help that student be where they should be at this point in the school year? 

2. As the year goes, I can gauge the progress over a few weeks, a month, or even a trimester. I use this information for meetings and for informal communciation with parents throughout the year. 

3. At the end of the school year, I can look to see progress from September to June. 


(click on the images below to download)

dibels nonsense words-correct letter sounds

dibels nonsense words copy

dibels-passage words copy


In order to see progress, you need resources to help students within the classroom setting. Here's how I put together my binder. 


Letter Naming Fluency:

In first grade, we begin with rapid letter naming fluency. So, I printed a packet of extra practice sheets and put that in my binder as the first subject. 


You can download this for FREE from Teachers Pay Teachers. 




For the second part of the binder,  I needed lots and lots of nonsense word practice sheets. This helps me to work with students on phoneme segmentation, letter sounds, blending, and reading whole words. You can do so much with these sheets. 


You can download this for FREE at Teachers Pay Teachers







The last part of my binder, is for DIBELS DATA. Each time our Title One Teacher gives us data on the DIBELS, I will be keeping it in the section. 


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