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postheadericon What’s in my Busy Box Wednesday?


What's in my Busy Box this week? 


photo copy 6

A word wall sheet! Last year, we didn't have a word wall and decided to put our word wall together this year and use it to refer to words we have learned. The kids look at it to spell a word often. I  wanted to put those words to good use, so I created a sheet for them to use when they are done with their work. 


word wall


Don't Rock the Boat!

(also can be used with "A Trip to Washington, D.C.)

This is a game the kids can play in partners or in a small group. All the words have either "oa" or "ow." If the student can read the word, they get to keep the card. If they get a "Don't Rock the Boat!," they lose all their cards. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins!

You can download this for FREE at  TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS








postheadericon What’s in my Busy Box Wednesday?

It's the end-of-the-year stretch and I'm starting to see some students completing work early (work done correctly throughout), while other students are not completing work at all (maybe a little goofing around during center time). How do you solve that problem? PUT A BUSY BOX ON THE TABLE! 


I got a blue bin from the Dollar Tree and made this sign to put on the front of the box. 

busy box

This is what my Busy Box looks like:


photo copy 6

I put two folders with activities for the kids to work on along with highlighters, pencils, and dice.  

I explained to students that their independent center had to be completely done and completed with their best effort before they go to the Busy Box.

Since it's been out on the table, not only have ALL the students been completing their work, but their work has been done really well. It's a great incentive for students to complete work. It's great they want to complete their work… to do more work! 


Here are a couple of activities I have put in the busy box:

This is a story map for students to fill in independently. They use their reading books to read the story and fill in the information on the story map. A great way to get them reading and re-reading the story of the week!

reading story map

The spelling activity has been the favorite this week. The kids love this activity! 

It's easy to play. They can play in pairs or by themselves. I provide the spelling list for the week in the folder. They start with the first word on the list. They simply roll a die and whatever number they get they get to do on paper. They need a pencil, crayons, paper, and a die to play this game. Then, they go on to the next word on the list and continue playing the "game" with each of their words. 




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