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postheadericon Unit 3.6 Where Are My Animal Friends: Activities and Resources




Here are some resources for this story. 


Spelling Cards:

I use these cards in a pocket chart throughout the week. 

3.6 spelling words

High Frequency Cards:

I also have these in a pocket chart. We use them to read and to put into ABC order.

3.6 high frequency cards


Words that end in -dge:

I created these cards to help the children build words with the ending -dge. As you can see from the picture below, I laminated the cards and cut them out. Then, I had my students put them on cookie sheets to practice building their words. I modeled how to build words, then had the students practice at my teacher table. Once they were building words easily, I put this out into an independant center for them to do independantly. 

(You can download the documents by clicking on the image)

3.6 word building with -dge




They used this sheet to build on and wrote the words on the bottom part of the sheet.

-dge write the words


After we were done with word building, I used this sheet to practice reading words with -dge. had my students highlight the -dge in each word, so they would remember to use the /j/ sound. I read the words to the students, then we read them as a group, then the kids each had a turn reading the words. 

You can download this word list at Teachers Pay Teachers



Comparing using -er and -est

I used picture cards to teach this skill this week. I printed the sheets, laminated them, and then cut them out. I used my large pocket chart on my teacher easel to model comparing two things and then three or more things. 



(You can download this by clicking on the image below)

pictures to compare er and est



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