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Archive for March, 2014

postheadericon April Showers Bring May Flowers (Poetry Packet)


April is National Poetry Month, so why not get our little ones reading poetry this month! 

Each day, I have a word-a-day. We talk about the word, we discuss any phonetic rules we see in the word, and we discuss the meaning of the word, where we see it, etc. 

I downloaded this packet of Spring words from Teachers Pay Teachers for FREE. 

April word wall



When I hand out our new poetry packets, I have the students write their names on it and I give them a few minutes to color the picture on the front. 

April Poetry cover

After we have talked about our word-of-the-day, we write them in our word journal. We practice reading the words in our journal each day. By the end of the month, they have learned 20+ words. 

Here is our word journal for this month:

April word journal


Let's read a poem:

These poems can be downloaded from First Grade Best for Free! 

There are four poems in this packet.

April Poems for Poetry Notebooks


Poems: First Grade Best

postheadericon Building Phonics Skills with Hands-on Activities

Building Phonics Skills with Hands-on Activities- word families


Word Family Cups- you will need 3 Styrofoam cups.  One cup contains the beginning consonant/blend, and the other two cups contain rimes/word families. Students turn the cups so the combinations of consonants, blends, and word families can be read. The idea is to read the words quickly.  After practicing with the word family cups, students read a short passage that includes those words and other high-frequency words .

photo 1


Word Family Splat- you will need popsicle sticks and beginning letter and word family cards. Students will take a beginning sound and try to make a word by pairing it with a word family ending. This is a picture of a set that I made earlier this year.

photo 2


Plastic Egg Word Family Match- you will need a bag of plastic eggs and word family cards. 

This is a simple short a activity that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers I also have made my own.  

photo 3

I have used this activity in combination with a blank sorting mat that I found at Teacher's Notebook.  Using a set of word family "eggs" students write the word family on the nest and a word from that family on one of the four eggs in the nest.

photo 4


Word Family Readers- Little Book Lane has some great mini-books to use in your work stations or for at home practice

postheadericon Nonsense Word Fluency Practice

Although it is already March and by now you have completed the Winter Benchmark testing for DIBELS NEXT, you may still have a few students who are still struggling.  In our district I find first grade to be full of movement especially this time of year.  We are always getting new students and they come from all over.  As we know, not all districts use the same assessments or testing practices.   

I put this nonsense word fluency packet together to use with my strategic intervention group.  It can be used with RTI, as a review before guided reading, with at Title 1 group, or as homework practice. 

photo 1 (5)

The pack contains:

• 30 nonsense word practice cards
• 1-minute fluency check recording card to correct letter sounds (CLS)
• 1-minute fluency check recording card to whole words read(WWR)
• 30 nonsense word blending cards
• 5 fluency practice sheets
Nonsense Word Packet

postheadericon March Poetry Folder



This year, I have implemented poetry folders as a way to increase my student's reading fluency. One of the strategies I use is the 'I Read, We Read, You Read" strategy .  We  choose a poem and first I read it aloud, while the students track the text with their finger. Then, we all read it together. Then, I  have my students read the poem aloud individually.Once my students read them easily on their own, I then work on reading with expression.


This is the cover for my March poetry folders

(Click on the picture to download)

March Poetry cover


We do a word-a-day and write them in our word journal. This is a great way to build vocabulary with your students. 

(Click on the picture to download)

March word journal



I found these great word wall cards on Teachers Pay Teachers. 


(You can download this for FREE at Teachers Pay Teachers)


This packet of poems has 6 poems in it. Some are St. Patrick's Day themed and others are about the month of March. 

You can download these March Poems from First Grade Best

Screen shot 2011-03-06 at 2.57.19 PM



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