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Archive for April, 2014

postheadericon What’s in my Busy Box Wednesday?

It's the end-of-the-year stretch and I'm starting to see some students completing work early (work done correctly throughout), while other students are not completing work at all (maybe a little goofing around during center time). How do you solve that problem? PUT A BUSY BOX ON THE TABLE! 


I got a blue bin from the Dollar Tree and made this sign to put on the front of the box. 

busy box

This is what my Busy Box looks like:


photo copy 6

I put two folders with activities for the kids to work on along with highlighters, pencils, and dice.  

I explained to students that their independent center had to be completely done and completed with their best effort before they go to the Busy Box.

Since it's been out on the table, not only have ALL the students been completing their work, but their work has been done really well. It's a great incentive for students to complete work. It's great they want to complete their work… to do more work! 


Here are a couple of activities I have put in the busy box:

This is a story map for students to fill in independently. They use their reading books to read the story and fill in the information on the story map. A great way to get them reading and re-reading the story of the week!

reading story map

The spelling activity has been the favorite this week. The kids love this activity! 

It's easy to play. They can play in pairs or by themselves. I provide the spelling list for the week in the folder. They start with the first word on the list. They simply roll a die and whatever number they get they get to do on paper. They need a pencil, crayons, paper, and a die to play this game. Then, they go on to the next word on the list and continue playing the "game" with each of their words. 




postheadericon 4.2 Cinderella Centers and Teacher Table Activities


We are returning from a nice (much needed) vacation and it's time to get back to learning! We are reading "Cinderella" this week. One of my favorite stories to read and share with my students. 





Words with ea:

This is a fun activity for students to enjoy at their independent center. I ask the students to work in pairs. They each get a die in a small container to shake. Whatever number is on top of the die, is the column they read. 

roll and read ea words


Adjectives for COLOR AND SIZE:


When I think of adjectives for color, the first book I think of is:

Brown BearBrown Bear, What Do You Seeby Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle. 

This book is perfect for color words. As I read this book to them, I had them raise their hand when they heard a color word and had them share the adjective with their friends. This is a quick and easy way to review and extract those color words from text. Once we had a color word, we wrote it on the adjective chart below.  




As I was perusing this internet, I found this cute writing idea from Teacher To The Core

In this packet, are pages where students can write "First Grader, First Grader what do you see?" The students reply with a sentence that has an adjective and a noun. 


Here is the chart we used to write our color and shape adjectives. This will later be a resource for them to use in writing sentences with adjectives later in the week. 

t chart adjectives


Adding endings to words: Change the y to i

I needed a sheet to use at my teacher table for some guided learning. 

change the y to i worksheet


postheadericon May Poetry Folders



Each month, I give my students a packet of poems. Each day we have a word-a-day and write it in the word journal. We read these words every day. At the end of the month, they have read more than twenty words! 

Depending on time, we read a poem (or two). We practice reading with expression and we practice stopping at periods and commas. The kids love it and they become confident quickly and look forward to reading the poems. The kids come in and ASK to read their favorite poems in the packet. Watching them read with a big smile, makes my day, everyday! 




This packet of words is FREE on TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS




Here is the cover to my poetry packet this month: 

May Poetry cover



May word journal



You can download them at First Grade Best. There are three poems in this packet

May Poems

If you are looking for another cute poem, I found this on Teachers Pay Teachers.

You can download this for Free. Click on the link above




You can download this for FREE. Click on the link above





postheadericon 4.2 Cinderella Word Building Activity


We are starting the story Cinderella this week and I wanted to have a word building activity for my students to work on at the teacher table. I will also have this as a center later on in the week. 




This week's skill is using "ea" in words. Below, you will see our spelling cards. I use these cards to display in my pocket chart throughout the week. We practice spelling the words, putting them in A-B-C order, and we practice sorting the cards by whatever the skill may be that week. 

4.2 spelling cards


In order to practice some word building skills, I created this word building packet. All these letter tiles are all the letters from their spelling list. Of course, they will be able to make more words that are not on their list with these letter tiles. 


(Click on the image below to download the packet)

4.2 word building

 4.2 word building pg2

I laminated the letter cards and put magnets on the back of each letter tile and put them on cookie sheets. After we talked about the "ea" sound, I had the students begin to build their words. As they built their words, they recorded their words on the sheet above. 



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