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Archive for May, 2014

postheadericon Writing Super Sized Sentences with Adjectives


We are currently in unit 4 in our Reading Street curriculum and have been learning about adjectives. I wanted my students to be able to write sentences using adjectives to describe the subject. 

As a Special Education teacher, I like to use organizers as an educational tool for writing.  The organizers give my students something concrete to work with. It gives the students something to see, interpret, and apply to their learning. It empowers them to write! 

I recently found these graphic organizers from Swamp Frog First Graders:


bare bone


super sentences3


super sentences2


This graphic organizer helps students to break up the sentence into parts: An article to start (We use either "The" or "A" to start our sentence), an adjective (descriptor), a noun (subject), a verb, and a sentence expander, where


This activity was teacher led with a small group of students. I modeled the graphic organizer using the pocket chart and word cards and my small group brainstormed adjectives and the sentence expander "where?" Next, I modeled how to use the graphic organizer to write sentences. 



The next day, at their independent center, I gave the students a similiar activity using the word "student" as the noun and the word "plays" as the verb. Their job was to brainstorm adjectives and our sentence expander "where?" When they were done, they started writing their rough draft. 

photo copy


The following week, we were ready to write independantly at the teacher table. This student wrote about a bear. She used her graphic oragnizer to brainstorm adjectives, verbs, and our sentence expander "where?" Then, she wrote her sentences in paragraph form. 




postheadericon Peter’s Chair-Compound Words for the Teacher Table


This week, our spelling words are all compound words, much longer than what my first graders are used to. As I was planning for the week, I was thinking, "How am I going to have the students work with these words and build words this week?" I decided to put a picture with each word and have the students build them using mini pocket charts. 

Here are the pictures for each spelling word. Some of the words have little hints under them. I printed them, cut them out and laminated them. 

(You can download this by clicking on the picture)


compound word pictures


These are the word cards the students used to build the words this week. 

(You can download this by clicking on the picture)

spelling cards Peters chair

Here is a student working with a partner to build the words. When they were done, we practiced reading them and writing them. The kids had fun building their compound words and thought the pocket charts were fun to use at the teacher table. 












postheadericon Partner Reading and Responding to Literature (Unit 4)


My students have been working on partner reading (during independent center time) for a while and have been doing a great job with it. While I have students partner reading, I am working with a different group of students at my teacher table. This doesn't allow me to conference with the children reading to check for understanding and their comprehension of the text. As an instructional aid, I created sheets that will help the students respond to text, check their understanding of the text, and refer to the text to answer the questions.  


There are two skills I want to implement as a response to literature: 

1.  I want them to refer back to the text and re-read to find the answer.

2.  I want them to answer questions using the sentences in the text. This will also give me an opportunity to check their understanding of the text.


The worksheets below are questions that correspond to the booklets that  can be downloaded from Pearsonsuccessnet. They can be found in the student edition of the Reader and Writers Notebook. 


In this Unit, I provided the page numbers to help my students get used to finding the answer as they refer back to the pages in their text. As they get better at this, I will not be providing the page numbers. 


Each of the sheets can be downloaded below. Click on the image to downlaod the sheet. 


4.1 Quails

quails 4.1



4.2 Bread

4.2 Bread


4.3 It's Spring 


4.3 It's Spring


4.4 The Gift


4.4 the gift


4.5 Sue's Daydream

 4.5 Sue's Daydream


4.6 Helping at a Zoo


4.6 Helping at the zoo

postheadericon What’s in my Busy Box Wednesday?


What's in my Busy Box this week? 


photo copy 6

A word wall sheet! Last year, we didn't have a word wall and decided to put our word wall together this year and use it to refer to words we have learned. The kids look at it to spell a word often. I  wanted to put those words to good use, so I created a sheet for them to use when they are done with their work. 


word wall


Don't Rock the Boat!

(also can be used with "A Trip to Washington, D.C.)

This is a game the kids can play in partners or in a small group. All the words have either "oa" or "ow." If the student can read the word, they get to keep the card. If they get a "Don't Rock the Boat!," they lose all their cards. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins!

You can download this for FREE at  TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS








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