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Archive for January, 2016

postheadericon Skills Sheets for Unit 2 Reading Street



Another day of skills sheets! 

 I use these for planning and teaching. I also keep each skill sheet in a folder with the rest of the resources for each story. I also have a copy in my Teacher Binder for quick reference each day. They come in handy! 



(To download the PDF, click on the images below)


A Big Fish for Max

2.1 A Big Fish For Max skills sheet



The Farmer in the Hat

2.2 The Farmer In the Hat skills sheet


Who Works Here?

2.3 who works here skills sheet


The Big Circle

2.4 The Big Circle skills sheet


Life in the Forest

2.5 Life In the Forest skills sheet


Honey Bees

Honey Bees skills sheet



Reading Street Unit 2 Overview


To see Unit 1 Skills Sheet, click on the link below:

Unit 1 Skills Sheets

postheadericon Happy 90th Day! Skills Sheets for Unit 1 Reading Street





 I can't believe how quickly this year is going by. We are celebrating our 90th day today, and I couldn't be more excited to be half way through the school year. I love the middle of the year. The kids are in a routine, continually reading more and more words each day, and growing by leaps and bounds! 

To celebrate the halfway mark, I thought I would post the skills sheets (by units) throughout the week! We have recevied a few requests for these, so I thought I would post them all together in one place. 


Today, I am going to post Unit 1 Skills Sheets. 


These are great for planning lessons. I also like to keep them in my teacher binder for quick reference in the classroom. I also keep a copy of the overviews at home for planning.

They also are a nice resource to send home to parents each week. 


(To download the PDF, click on the images below)



Sam Come Back! 

Sam Come Back skills sheet


Pig In A Wig

PIG IN A WIg Skills sheet


The Big Blue Ox

The Big Blue Ox 1.3


A Fox and a Kit

The Fox and the Kit skills sheet


Get the Egg

get the egg! skills sheet


Animal Park

Animal Park skills sheet


Unit 1 Overview

Reading Street unit 1 skills sheet


Come back tomorrow for UNIT 2!




postheadericon DIBELS: Progress Monitoring Awards: LET’S CELEBRATE PROGRESS!

ed st tag


It's time to celebrate progress! 


I'm one of those teachers that look forward to the DIBELS progress monitoring. I can't wait to see their scores each month!


At the same time, I love showing the students how much progress they have made and seeing them smile. That moment alone is why we do, what we do, every day.


I thought it was time to celebrate progress and to celebrate each and every child, whether they made great gains, or whether they made just a tad bit of progress. It's progress either way!


This year, I started to give the children a monthly DIBELS award for them to take home and display proudly in their homes. Each month, I copy the awards on different color paper. That way, they hopefully we will have a collection of awards, each on a different color piece of paper. 


This is an award from October. 



I have now given out two months of awards and have had rave reviews from my students. Some have said their award hangs on the refrigerator, in their rooms, or somewhere special in their homes. Some have said they were rewarded with small toys, dinner at McDonalds, and extra allowance for spending during the week! 


In the packet below, you will see an award for each month of the school year. 

You can download the packet of awards for FREE, by clicking on the image below.


DIBELS Award Bundle-smaller2



To get more ideas or to read more about nonsense words and DIBELS practice, click on the links below:

DIBELS: Word Rings

DIBELS: Getting Ready for RTI

Nonsense Word Fluency Practice

Menu Board Choices for Word Work

DIBELS Next Intervention Ideas for First Grade


Hope you enjoy these monthly awards. How do you celebrate progress in your classrooms? Educator Station would love to hear from you! Click on the link below to send a message. We would be happy to hear from you! 




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postheadericon Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!





Educator Station wishes you a happy and healthy 2016!




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