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postheadericon Winter Word Fun


Winter weather is here and it's cold, the wind is blowing, and the snow has been falling. It's time to get out my snowman activities and implement them into my teacher table time!

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a great poem to do  during our morning meeting time. This poem can be sung to "I'm A Little Teapot." 



This poem was posted on Pinterest by



I have been using seasonal word wall cards to build vocabulary and work on phonics skills. Each morning, I share a new word with my students. We talk about what it is, where we see it, what it does, etc.. 

I also use these words for sentence writing, phonics, practice with topic and main idea, ABC order, and for reading fluency. 

This month, I am using these word cards. There are 8 pages of words to use from December to early February. 

You can download theseword wall cards for FREE at



After we read the word-of-the-day, we write the word in our word journal. 

I created this word journal to use this month. 

january word journal


I also read poems with my students to build their fluency.  When the students come to my teacher table, they often ask to read their poems before we begin working on our reading skills for the day. It makes me excited to see them so excited about reading! 


This is the cover I created for this month's poetry packet. 

January poetry cover

There's tons of cute poems on Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers. I found this packet of poems at Aloha Kindergarten! There are 8 pages of poems to choose from! I chose 4 poems from this packet. There is also a poem in this packet about Martin Luther King Jr. that I will be using later in the month. 

january poems


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