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postheadericon The Big Circle-Unit 2.4

The Big Circle

Unit 2.4


Last week, we read "The Big Circle" and the kids loved it! Who doesn't like dinosaurs? They loved reading the story in their dinosaur voices and they loved when T-Rex fell down. They were pleased with the ending to the story and wanted to read more about dinosaurs. 

Here's some of the materials I used to teach this story. 

As always, I send home a skills sheet at the beginning of each story. 

The Big Circle skills sheet


I use these High Frequency Cards for my Focus Board. I print these onto colored card stock and cut them out. 

2.4 High Frequency Cards

Spelling Cards: 

2.4 The Big Circle Spelling Cards


I also created this spelling sort for students to work on at the teacher table with me. It helps them sort out the four letter King Ed (also known as Magic E) words and the five letter words, which have an initial blend or digraph. It's an easy way for the students to visually see the letters and patterns in their spelling words.

2.4 spelling sort

I also created this to help the students practice ABC order. I use this as a teacher table activity. This will also be an independant center for next week. I ask them to cut the cards out and place them in ABC order before they write the words on their paper. I also make extra copies of my spelling cards (above) and they use those in a pocket chart. 

spelling abc order



LONG O (King Ed words)

I got this sheet from This Reading Mama. This was in a packet of activities. I used this page as a sort to introduce long o at my teacher table. We recorded short o words and long o words. When I felt they could do it independently, I laminated the cards for them to work with. I put the kids in partners to sort the words and then, each student recorded their words on a sheet. 

Long O and short O sort


I also used this as an independent center. We have been doing King Ed words for a few weeks and my students are used to the CVCe pattern. So this was a nice review station for them this week. 





Contractions! This was a tough concept for my students to grasp. I work with the red and green group, so this concept took A LOT of modeling and practice. I found that although they use contractions in their speech, when I asked them what "can't" meant, they were unable to tell me. They could easily use these words in sentences, but didn't know exactly what the words meant. So, we spent a few days learning about contractions. I pulled resources from wherever I could that I thought would best benefit my students. 

Check out Carl's Corner. I found these great cards. I printed and laminated them. I used them in pocket chart, on my magnetic easel, i used them on my table for students to match. These got a lot of use this week. There is a whole packet of contractions!! 

page 2

Another activity I used for this week was the hats and mittens. It went nicely with our winter theme and the kids loved working with the hats and mittens. You can download this for FREE at Teachers Pay Teachers. 



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