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postheadericon Menu Board Choices for Word Work

In my post Early Workstation Finishers, I briefly talked about Menu Boards.  I shared 5 Fluency Workstation ideas here.  In today's post, I have provided you with 5 Word Work activities that can be used all year long.  They are easily created, differentiated and implemented.  Again, these should be activities that the students already know how to use.  The skills change as the groups change.  These selections are made to reteach, reinforce and provided additional practice to your students once they complete the assigned task for that workstation each day.  You want to be sure to provide a variety of activities that the students can select from.  To revisit my original menu board post click here and you will be able to see a sample of my menu boards.

Stretchy Snake

This idea comes from a reading comprehension strategy using  Beanie Babies.  If you Google it, there are so many different ways to use them in your Guided Reading groups.  I have six sets of pencil boxes (I get them on clearance after the back to school sale).  Each box contains a CVC word with a matching picture. My students use Stretchy Snake to s-t-r-e-t-c-h their word.   My below level group uses this center well into first grade.  I found the box labels here and she has some free downloads to get you started.  Simply print and laminate.  This link from TPT also has a free download.

2014-01-30 08.16.10

Roll a Word

This station is very simple to make.  I bought foam cubes in the dollar section at Target (Dollar Store sometimes has them).  I wrote a letter on each side of the dice with a sharpie.  I put out the cubes that go with a skill each group needs to review (nonsense words, CVC, CVCe, word families, etc.) Students roll a letter onto the mat to make a word.  I found a cute download here and here that include recording sheets, but I have also made my own.

2014-01-30 15.16.20

Pocket Chart Cards

I bought these word family cards from Amazon and after using them with my students, I really like having them available for use at a work station.  This set is great for phonemic awareness, rhyming word sounds, word patterns and to increase vocabulary.  These are great for our ELL/ESL students.

PicMonkey Collage3

Stamp a Word

The possibilities are always endless with this activity.  Students can do these with directed instruction or left unguided and able to explore.  I have a basket of assorted stamping items.  Students may choose from ink pads and letter stamps or BINGO daubers.  Depending on the time of year and student needs, this can reinforce letter recognition, practice nonsense or CVC words, word building, high frequency word review and poetry creations.  I have different sheets available for each group to select from when I provide directions.  Otherwise, I leave blank paper and tell them to explore one of the skill areas listed above.

2014-01-30 15.39.37


This can be done using a Boggle Jr. game or I have see a ton of handmade ones on Pinterest.  Either version does the job. If you have old sets of upwords or quip qubes, they work well too and provide more letter choices. I provide each group with a set of index cards.  The cards contain high frequency words, previous spelling words, word families, short/long vowel word cards, etc.  Using the letters on the cubes, students must create the words on the index cards.  I have also make paper letter cubes to accommodate specific letter combinations.  This can be done as a whole group or in partnerships. 

2014-01-30 15.41.45


Other activities to use:

Lace a word, magnetic tiles and cookie sheets, letter tiles and trays to build wordsPicMonkey Collage10


PicMonkey Collage10



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  • Jan Standring:

    I love them all!!!  It looks like your roll-a-word color coded to beginning, middle (vowel), and ending sounds.  Great idea!  I have only colored coded vowels and consonants.

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