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postheadericon Happy New Year and fun with Sneezy the Snowman


Happy New Year and welcome back!  We hope you all had a restful break and made some great memories.  As I return to school and the cold weather (here in New England) is upon us, I can't help but be excited!  I love the winter months for so many reasons! 

Many people use January to make resolutions and set goals, I do not.  My goal setting seems to happen in August as I prepare myself for a new school, I also prepare my personal life for a new year.  Instead, I use January as a jumpstart. 

In first grade, it takes us almost until January to see our kiddos really starting to "get it."  The light bulbs go off and the "Ah ha" moments begin to happen.  I use January to really see what my students are capable of doing and begin to really focus in on what they still struggle with.  I refocus myself and review the goals I made for myself back in August.  Have I met them?  What really worked?  What didn't?  What have I missed completely?  Where do I go from here?  As I continue on my 180 day journey, I know that they won't all be met, but I also know I tried my hardest.

Another reason I love the winter months is because I get to do all things SNOWMEN!  I don't care much for snow, but boy do I love snowmen.  One of my favorite stories to read aloud this month is "Sneezy the Snowman".  It is a cute rhyming story about a snowman who just can't seem to get warm.  He tries many things to get warm and just as Sneezy is warming up, he melts and the children have to rebuild him. Finally, the children come up with a solution that allows Sneezy to stay warm without causing him to melt.  




Great story for teaching rhyming, sequencing, as well as problem/solution.

I created a page for each student to write about what a snowman should not do.  We turned the completed pages into a classbook that the students can read throughout the year.  Here is a copy of that document.






I also found a couple FREE extension activities that go along with this story sequencing foldable, a response page and a Hot/Cold science sort on TPT.

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