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postheadericon Words, Words, and More Words! Words Rings for DIBELS practice

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Today, I made these simple word rings to use at my teacher table with students who need phonics intervention. 


Word rings are a great way for students to practice reading nonsense words. Each word is on it's own card. Once the student has sounded out (phoneme segmentation), blended, and have read the whole word, they can easily flip to the next word on the ring. This is a great way for students to begin blending and reading whole words at their own pace.  This is also a great way to build whole word fluency. 

This is also great activity to use for RTI (Response to Intervention). I have used this with students who get easily overwhelmed when seeing a whole page of printed nonsense words. To decrease student discouragement, I use word rings, so that the student only sees one card at a time. This helps to build their confidence one word at a time.  


 To download the cards for the word rings, click on the link below and print!

(Click on the image below to download)

nonsense words for word rings


To make these, you will need a book ring (these rings are 1.25 inch rings). I found these two packages at the Dollar Tree. They are great for the classroom and have many uses.



Then, I printed the words, laminated them, and put them on a ring. 

Here's a word ring ready to use.



Word rings in an independant center:

If you would like to put word rings into an independant center, I have created activities you can easily put into an independant center. 


Vowel sort:

You can have the students read the word, and then write the word under the correct vowel sound. 

vowel sort



Have the student read the word, build it with letter tiles, and then write the word. 

say it, build, write it



To get more ideas or to read more about nonsense words and DIBELS practice, click on the links below:


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