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postheadericon Teaching Character Traits- Kindness

This month we are learning how to be caring individuals.

November is a great month to teach Random Act of Kindness.

September- Responsibility


November- Kindness

December- Respect


February- Fairness

March- Courage

April- Determination

May – Cooperation

June- Sportsmanship

Let's take a closer look at November- Kindness.  I've compiled a list of books to use throughout the month.  I will also give you some ideas for activities that can be done to reinforce the trait.


Books that teach Kindness

One Grain of Rice

The Teddy Bear

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: an African tale

Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen


Great Joy

Bear Feels Sick

Those Shoes

Stand in My Shoes


Kindness Is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler


Anchor Chart

What a Kind person looks like:

  • compassionate and show they care
  • express gratitude
  • forgive others
  • help people in need


Kindness Game

Have the children gather in a large circle and throw a ball to another person in the circle. When they throw the ball, have them say something kind to the other person. That person then throws the ball to another person and says something kind. Make sure everyone has a turn (both hears and says something kind). For the second round, explain they need to say something nice about themselves and allow time for everyone to have a turn.


Writing Journal:

  • Gratitude Journal- Who/What are you grateful for?


  • Thank You Letter- Write a letter to someone who has given you something or done something kind.

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