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postheadericon Organizing Your Classroom Library (Part 2)


Hope you enjoyed my post on Organizing Your Classroom Library (Part 1). If you missed it, click on this link. I recently visited another school, which happens to be my sister-in-law's classroom.  She asked me to please help her organize her classroom library. She too teaches first grade and loves books, so this was a great project for the both of us to work on together.  

When I arrived, this is what her classroom library looked like. Her space was designated and the shelving and books were easily accessible to her first grade students. There was a nice spacious rug, where kids can sit to read. The problem was, the books were in bins of various sorts, which you could not easily see in or reach in. We had our work cut out for us. 




 Before we started to even begin to make sense of the library, we had to first go through lots and lots of books. She also had books from Scholastic in boxes that were never opened and a big box of books that were donated to her.  Mrs. E and I quickly got to work opening boxes, sorting books, and writing her name in all the new books. 


Once this was done, we took the books that were in bins and put them in clear plastic (shoe size) boxes. This process went quickly. We took the books out of one box and put them in their forever home (plastic shoe boxes). 

The back shelf, in this picture, was starting to make sense. It's starting to look like a library! 


Look at all the bins on the shelf to the right. They were now empty and ready to be used else where in the classroom. 

See those boxes on the floor filled with books, those books were all labeled with the teacher's name and then sorted into a category. 


When we were done, the library looked like this! 


Here is a close up of some of the categories we decided to use in the library. 



Some books, we couldn't categorize, so we decided to put them on a shelf without a bin. 



Before and After: An Amazing Transformation









Some of the categories we chose to use in the library were:

There was an Old Lady….


Dr. Seuss

David Shannon

Chester (The Kissing Hand)

Pete the Cat 

Black Lagoon

Magic School Bus

Junie B. Jones

Chapter Books (Various titles)

Charlie the Ranch Dog

I Can Read

Animals (2 Bins) 

Award Winners

Eric Carle

Berenstein Bears 

Fly Guy


Amelia Bedelia






Thank You Mrs. E for having me in your classroom! You have a beautiful classroom library! Enjoy! 



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