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postheadericon Reading Street: Unit 4 Skills Sheets (Grade 1)


Educator Station is back from February vacation and the school days are in high gear. Gearing up for progress monitoring, the push through March, and the countdown to April vacation. Lots to get done before now and then! 


Here are the Unit 4 Skills Sheets. They are great for planning and a great resource for parents to keep on the refridgerators to reference for tests and homework throughout the week.


(Click on the images below to download)

Mama's Birthday Present

4.1 Mama's Birthday Present_ skills sheet




4.2 Cinderella_ skills sheet


A Trip to Washington, D.C.

4.3 A Trip To Washington D.C._ skills sheet



4.4 A Southern Ranch._ skills sheet


Peter's Chair

4.5 Peter's Chair._ skills sheet


Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House

4.6 Henry and Mudge._ skills sheet



To download Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 3:

click on the links below:

Unit 1 Skills Sheets

Unit 2 Skills Sheets

Unit 3 Skills Sheets

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