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postheadericon November Buddies



November Buddies


It's November and it's time for new buddies! The students were very excited to see November buddies.  This month, I asked my students to choose new partners that weren't on their October buddies sheet. This way, every student, by the end of the year will get a chance to work with everyone in the classroom. 

(To download, click on the image below)

November buddy

We just read the story "I Wanna Iguana" by Karen Kaufman Orloff. The kids loved this story. It was fun to read, fun to listen to, and fun to talk about. 


In an effort to build social skills within my classroom, I gave my students a question they had to work on with their November buddies. 

My question was: Do you think Alex did a good job persuading his mother to get him an iguana? Tell me two reasons why you think he did a good job. 

The discussion stem they used was: 

(To download, click on the image below)

I think that…


Some responses were:

"I think that Alex did a good job becasue he had good reasons why he should have an iguana."

I think that Alex did a good job because he had reasons why he could take care of an iguana."



If you would like October Buddies, click on the image below


october buddy


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